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Umri Christian Hospital is a Free Methodist Mission hospital situated in a small village by name Umri in Central India. It was started in the year 1951 by Dr Paul Yardy, a young medical missionary from the United States with a vision to provide quality medical care to the poor and needy at an affordable cost. Today, UCH is a 60-bedded hospital with full-fledged medical facilities.

Umri is surrounded by a good number of tribal villages, which have no medical facility at all. Apart from some small clinics, there are no hospitals as such at a radius of about 60 kilometers in and around Umri. Our aim at UCH is not only to provide good medical care to these poor villagers, but also to share the love of Christ through our healing ministry.

Umri Christian is a registered charitable public trust and society. Umri Christian Hospital also manages Yardy English Medium School (yardyschool.in) and Helen Rose Training College of Nursing.

Future Development

Bicycle Ride

Under the leadership of Mr. Robert Yardy from US.


Upcoming Buildings

A master plan as a part of rebuilding the Hospital.

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