Welcome To Umri Christian Hospital

1923 Initial building begun by Rev. Casper with the construction of six rooms: an Examination room, a Compounder’s room, a small Operation Theatre, a Drug store, a Dressing room and an Office.
1953 Hospital was equipped with X-ray machine.
1954 Dr. Lois Kent Laboratory was established.
1958 Rose Memorial Hall & Dharmashala for patients constructed.
1962-1965 Office building, new Operation theatre, Annexe building and rooms for Registration were built
Power generator was installed
Reception hall was built.
1970 Jeep Wagoner (Ambulance) was gifted by Church World Service.
1 July 1970 Hospital got Govt. power supply.
200 M.A X-ray machine was purchased & installed.
22.01.1986 Dr. Issac Jebaraj developed short term TB treatment for the poor and needy.
June 1998 Yardy English Medium School was started.
Aug 1998 Hostel for tribal children was started.
Apr 2000 Hospital was registered as a Public Trust.
Aug 2002 Helen Rose School of Nursing was started.
2007 Butterfield foundation donated money for the new building of General Ward, Labour room, and new Operation Theatre with new equipment was added.
2013 Physiotherapy & Dental Departments were established.
Nov 2014 Counselling Department was established..
June 2015 Hospital Management System was established.
16.08. 2016 New Female General ward was dedicated.

News Round up

  1. Celebrated Nurse's Day on 12.05.2016.
  2. Dedicated Bachelor's Quarters on 20.06.2016.
  3. Dedicated Female Ward on 16.08.2016.
  4. Reception Hall Dedicated on 25.11.2016.
  5. Free Medical Camp conducted at Lingi village, Adilabad. 04/12/2016
  6. Saline Process Retreat
  7. Community Church Planting Seminar 11&12/03/2017
  8. Peadiatric seminar on clinical practices 27-31.03.2017
  9. Youth Retreat for Medical students from Adilabad- 23/04/2017
  10. Seekers meeting - 23/04/2017
  11. Celebrated International Nurses Day - 12/05/2017
  12. Dedicated Emmergency Room , Maternity Ward, Labour Room & ICU- 14/09/2017

Verse of the day

I am your rock and your salvation, a fortress that cannot be shaken.
-Psalm 62:2
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