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Adilabad Clinic

The Lord gave us a vision in January 2013 to enlarge our territory. After much prayer we decided to start a clinic in Adilabad, which is 40 Kms from Umri and is one of the most backward districts in the Telengana State of Andhra Pradesh. As Adilabad doesn’t have a good hospital, 40% of Umri Christian Hospital patients travel 150 to 200 kms. from places in Andhra Pradesh for treatment at UCH. Many of these patients suffer from Tuberculosis. So we felt the urge to extend our healing Ministry to Adilabad.

A major hurdle for us at this juncture was the language. Our Lord at the right time brought us Dr. Hannah, M.D (Family Medicine) who is Telugu speaking. We started the clinic in a rented building in Adilabad on January 4, 2016 also providing the additional facilities of X Ray, Laboratory and Pharmacy. We pray it will address the medical needs of the community there.





Adilabad Team with Bishop Joe James


News Round up

  1. Celebrated Nurse's Day on 12.05.2016.
  2. Dedicated Bachelor's Quarters on 20.06.2016.
  3. Dedicated Female Ward on 16.08.2016.
  4. Reception Hall Dedicated on 25.11.2016.
  5. Free Medical Camp conducted at Lingi village, Adilabad. 04/12/2016
  6. Saline Process Retreat
  7. Community Church Planting Seminar 11&12/03/2017
  8. Peadiatric seminar on clinical practices 27-31.03.2017
  9. Youth Retreat for Medical students from Adilabad- 23/04/2017
  10. Seekers meeting - 23/04/2017
  11. Celebrated International Nurses Day - 12/05/2017
  12. Dedicated Emmergency Room , Maternity Ward, Labour Room & ICU- 14/09/2017

Verse of the day

I am your rock and your salvation, a fortress that cannot be shaken.
-Psalm 62:2
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